Slim Line Worktops Plus


Slim Line worktops combine high quality and impact-resistance with outstanding aesthetics. They can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen, bathroom or office space providing the perfect basis for many years.

Slim Line Plus range includes a varied choice of decors and textures: from darker stone and concrete reproduction, through dramatic black uni-designs with a slate texture or a soft, anti-fingerprint finish to the lighter marble and warm woodgrains that can bring beauty and elegance in any setting.

Collection’s overview

Ultra-thin and beautiful, our 12 mm slim worktops with a monochrome core, retain the same functional properties as the standard compact interior, while offering additional benefits in terms of application and use.


  • Water resistant, weight-bearing and suitable for undermount sink installation.
  • No need for bonding or edge banding.
  • Possibility to add an attractive bevel on the exposed edges of the worktop.
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications – can be used as a kitchen worktop and splashback.
  • Double-sided decorative surface – ideal for use in open cabinets and breakfast bars.
  • Hygienic, easy to maintain and clean due to its non-porous surface.

kitchen tops

Interior tops


Easy to clean


stain resistant

water resistant

Impact resistant

heat resistant




4100 x 650 x 12 mm

4100 x 1300 x 12 mm


AF Authentic Fine NEW


GM Glitter Matt NEW

SU Super Matt

PH Palazzo Touch NEW

PW Pure Wood

Watch our detailed fitting instructions and learn how to process and install your Slim Line worktop

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