Acrylic Matt and Acrylic Gloss Boards

Discover a premium category of high-gloss and matt decorative boards used in high-end furniture and interior design projects.

Our Acrylic boards combine the look and feel of a solid surface acrylic in either ultra-high gloss or smooth matt texture, in a range of 6 contemporary uni-designs to match any style and colour scheme.


All Acrylic Matt and Acrylic Gloss boards have excellent wear resistance and are supplied with a protective surface foil that once removed, leaves the exclusive surface on display with no need for polishing.

The addition of a high scratch-resistant lacquered coating (TopX) takes the material into a new dimension and provides an acrylic panel that has market-leading durability.

Acrylic Gloss

Kronospan’s Acrylic Gloss boards are universally recognized as a high-end product, conveying an exceptional high gloss level and deep colors. They are based on Kronospan’s 17 mm MDF material covered with 0.7 mm gloss lacquered acrylic bonded on the front side and a 0.6 mm high-impact polystyrene film to the reverse side to improve the stability of the board.

The boards have excellent chemical resistance, high UV stability and are supplied with a foil, protecting the surface during handling and processing.



Interior Frontals


Gloss Surface

Scrub Resistant

UV Stability

Acrylic Matt

Kronospan’s new Acrylic Matt boards have a fine and subtle acrylic texture with an elegant matt appearance and a tactile appeal. They are based on Kronospan’s 17 mm premium MDF material, covered with 0.7 mm matt lacquered acrylic on the front side of the board and a 0.6 mm high-impact film to the reverse side to improve its stability.
The boards have excellent impact strength, scrub resistance, and improved anti-fingerprint properties, as well as a protective foil that shields their surface.


Interior Frontals


Matt Surface

Soft Touch

UV Stability

Specially developed for the creation of furniture components for residential and commercial spaces, our Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Matt boards help to achieve exceptional high gloss and soft touch levels with a high-end look and improved wear resistance.

Matching ABS edging is available for all decors, providing the boards with a neat finish and durability.

8685 AG; AM Snow White

0514 AG; AM Ivory

7045 AG; AM Satin

7166 AG; AM Latté

6299 AG; AM Cobalt Grey

0190 AG; AM Black


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