Discover Kronodesign’s real aluminium MDF boards, representing a new aesthetics – strong, durable and unique material for versatile and appealing interior design projects.

Metallic accents can bring a touch of class to anything from decorative elements and fabrics to furniture and whole interiors.

Kronodesign’s brushed metal range includes 6 exclusive designs that reflect modernity and sophistication. Our Aluminium, Platinum, Inox, Gold, Copper and Bronze can deliver a lustrous color and shimmering brushed texture into your next interior design project. Their application in various residential, business or commercial areas can add a touch of glamour and luxury and results in a versatile and appealing design statement.

Choose between the warm glow of our Brushed Gold, Copper and Bronze and the cooler and more urban look of Brushed Aluminium, Inox and Platinum.

They can all create a range of ambiances, balance colors and patterns and give your space a real stylish and tactile experience.

Metal boards are produced from high quality MDF substrate coated with real aluminium sheet with scrub resistant coating, and covered with protection foil. They are recommended for vertical use and dry conditions. With dimensions of 2800 x 1300 x 18.7 mm they offer unique and attractive visual appealing.

Complementary Products

Aluminium ABS Edging

If you are striving for a unified interior design look, choose from our range of perfectly matched aluminium ABS edge bands in a standard thickness of 1 mm and 23 mm width. They are entirely coordinated in terms of colour and texture with Kronospan’s metal boards, providing the material with a neat finish and durability, as well as protecting its edges.

High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

For surfaces that require enhanced durability and impact resistance, choose our HPL material with real metal designs. It’s dimensions are 2800 x 1310 x 0.8 mm and it is resistant to moisture, heat, cold and stains, which makes it perfect for various furniture and interior components.

MDF & Compact Splashbacks

Give your kitchen a contemporary twist with our Splashback Aluminium and Compact boards – the modern alternative to tiles or grout.

Splashback aluminium MDF board protects the walls behind any kitchen or working area, it is available in the stylish AL01 Brushed Aluminium design with dimensions of 2800 x 647 x 9.7 mm.

For vertical applications requiring moisture and high impact resistance, choose our splashback aluminium compact boards with dimensions of 4200 x 1300 x 2 mm, available in all 6 brushed aluminium designs.


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