The result of an uncompromising search for perfection, years of knowledge and constant research.

We introduce you to a globally unified range of decors for furniture and interior design industries, born out of the desire for continuous improvement, innovation and creation of materials that will inspire professionals all over the world.

Contemporary, future oriented and available worldwide – the new collection includes 221 carefully selected designs in 18 surface textures.

New textures providing sophisticated visual and tactile experience, adding value to your final product and making sure it looks and feels great.

AM Acrylic Matt NEW

Fine and subtle matte finish, offering a warmer, velvety touch and reducing fingerprint marks.

FP Fine Pore NEW

A understated delicate wood pore that refines the decor

GG Glitter Gloss NEW

High gloss surface, enhanced with a fine amount of shiny real aluminium bits and sparkling glitter finish suitable for stone decors.

SL Slate NEW

Deep slate texture that reflects the distinctive look and feel of weathered stone.


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